Designing Your Own Celtic Knot Tattoo

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Celtic knot tattoos are extremely popular both because of their great beauty and their classic cultural significance. Many people are hesitant to get Celtic knot tattoos because they are afraid that their tattoo will look too  much like other people’s Celtic knot tattoos, but in reality Celtic knot tattoos are one of the most highly personalized and customizable tattoo designs that can be used to express and create a variety of looks all while retaining their trademark interlace pattern and beautifully intricate designs. In order to create your own personal Celtic knot tattoo, you will need to do a little research to determine what you like. However, you will soon find that the options and possibilities for your Celtic knot tattoo are endless.

First, you need to decide what kind of Celtic knot work you want to use in your tattoo. This will determine a great deal later about what type of tattoo you get and where you put your tattoo. If you want traditional Celtic knot work, which has no beginning and no end, but is comprised of two or more interwoven strands that create a pattern or design within a shape, then you will probably be looking at getting a self contained Celtic knot tattoo, such as a Celtic cross tattoo or a Celtic knot clover or portal. Animal interlace, which is a simpler form of Celtic knot work developed by the Vikings that uses the ends of the strands to create the animals’ heads, tails and legs, also results in a self contained tattoo. However, if you want to use the Celtic knot work to frame another tattoo or even fill in to start creating a sleeve, then you will have many more options when it comes to your designs. You can use the Celtic knot tattoo to create a background for other tattoos so that it appears that they were tattooed over the background or you can use the Celtic knot tattoo to frame another tattoo, such as a portrait tattoo. Finally, if you want to really focus on the Celtic knot work itself, you might elect to get an armband tattoo or ankle band tattoo that is just a continuous piece of Celtic knot work.

Once you know what type of Celtic knot tattoo you want, you need to determine what knot work you want. There are three main types, not including animal interlace which is its own unique knot work form and not actually Celtic:

1.    Key patterns: key patterns are spirals of straight lines that look like keys. They are frequently square. They often are used to symbolize the pathway to heaven.
2.    Lozenge patterns: These Celtic knot designs have a dot in the center, and the design itself is built around the dot. They symbolize growth both spiritually and physically.
3.    Spiral patterns: Spirals indicate growth, sight and destiny. They are often used to make eyes. They are just like key patterns but with more rounded, curving lines.

Once you have selected your design, then you can choose accents for it. Placing a solid outline of an image within a Celtic knot tattoo is a great way to create a striking look. Often people place flag tattoos, such as the image of the Irish flag, within their Celtic knot tattoo. Flowers are also popular, though they tend to be tattooed so as to appear to be growing around and through the tattoo or to have been woven into the tattoo. Butterfly tattoos, fairy tattoos and dragon tattoos are also common. If your family has a highly distinguishable animal in its family crest like a lion or a statuesque bird like an eagle or a crane, solid images of these animals can also be very striking when placed over a Celtic knot background. This is a fun and beautiful way to personalize your Celtic knot tattoo even further.

Once you have settled on a design for your Celtic knot tattoo, you should get at least one stencil to help make sure that your tattoo artist creates exactly the look that you want. A stencil will not limit your artist’s creativity or prevent you from getting a custom design, but it will help you and your artist make sure that you are on the same page about what your tattoo should look like. In fact, you may even decide to get a similar temporary tattoo of your tattoo stencil and try wearing it for a while to decide whether you like your intended location for the tattoo.

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